OOA epoxy film adhesive

Henkel announces one adhesive is now out-of-autoclave curable, and introduces two other new products.

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Henkel Corporation Aerospace (Bay Point, Calif.) reports that its Hysol PL 7000 epoxy film adhesive for aerospace applications is now out-of-autoclave (OOA) curable. In addition, the mechanical performance of the adhesive is said to be equivalent to the standard cure performance of a film that has been cured in an autoclave. Also new is Hysol PL696, an epoxy-based structural film adhesive, designed primarily for OOA curing process applications. Also available in lightning-strike configuration, the adhesive can be cured conventionally via vacuum bagging at 140°F/60°C and can bond a variety of similar and dissimilar materials. The adhesive also meets the requirements of military specification MMM-A-132. A third new product is Hysol EA 9896 WPP (wet peel ply) composite bonding film, a resin-impregnated nylon peel ply used for the surface preparation of composite substrates. It reportedly eliminates the need for sanding or grit blasting in the surface preparation process. It also eliminates residual peel ply fibers at the bond surface after curing and removal. The product, according to the company, is currently under evaluation by aerospace customers.