Online composite materials assessment

Firehole Helius:MatSim is a Web-based tool that allows users to simulate composite material properties based on constituent level data.

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Firehole Technologies Inc. (Laramie, Wyo.), a developer of software for composite material analysis, has released its composite material simulation tool called Helius:MatSim. This Web-based tool allows users to simulate composite material properties based upon constituent (fiber and matrix) level data. This online product is designed to complementing Prospector:Composites, the company’s online composite materials database, and Helius:MCT, its composites-specific finite element analysis (FEA) tool. Technology behind Helius:MatSim, “micromechanics,” is said to provide a numerical method to predict composite material properties and provides a solution when no test data is available for a particular fiber/matrix combination. Firehole notes, for example, that the online tool could be used to evaluate the effects of design vs. as-built material properties to help decide if additional material characterization is required. The current version of Helius:MatSim works with unidirectional composites only; Firehole says it plans for a release this summer that will include a woven composite microstructure.