Oli46 Resin Blocker maintains infusion vacuum level

Appears in Print as: 'Technical flange maintains infusion vacuum level'

Technical flange is designed to avoid resin waste up to 80%, improve surface finish and save on cost and production time.


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Oli46 Resin Blocker technical flange

Photo Credit: Oli46

Oli46 (Turin, Italy) introduces Resin Blocker, a technical flange developed to maintain the vacuum level during all phases of the infusion process. It can be used with the main resin systems including polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy.

With the peel ply feature, a slower resin flow is maintained and the fast system with the aerator strip increases the air/resin flow. Resin Blocker is designed to avoid resin waste (up to 80%) and preserve the auxiliary material used for pipes, taps and traps. According to Oli46, it allows work on all normal open molds even without the flange.

With an adhesive band to enable fast and easy application, Resin Blocker is also said to improve surface finish, and save on cost and production time. The technical flange is particularly suitable for large work surfaces such as boating, aerospace and the wind energy sector.