Oerlikon Leybold lab-scale vacuum system

Originally titled 'Lab-scale vacuum system'

Oerlikon Leybold (Cologne, Germany) has introduced TURBOLAB, plug-and-play high-vacuum pump systems for lab-scale and research and development applications.

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Oerlikon Leybold (Cologne, Germany) has introduced TURBOLAB, plug-and-play high-vacuum pump systems for lab-scale and research and development applications. The systems are compact, fully assembled and ready to operate. Different configurations cover the individual vacuum demands of a range of applications in the R&D and analytical market. In addition, due to the oil-free hybrid bearing design of the new TURBOVAC i/iX turbo pumps featured in these systems, and by using different dry compressing backing pump combinations, hydrocarbon-free pump system operation is guaranteed. The TURBOLAB systems come preassembled with turbomolecular pump, dry-compressing or oil-sealed backing pump and a TPU display power unit. Both compact table top and mobile cart versions are available and offer flexibility and ease of operation. Each version can be customized to accommodate a range of accessories, such as purge gas and/or venting valve, foreline safety valve, cooling units, heater band and more. The system can also accommodate THERMOVAC TTR vacuum pressure gauges and PENNINGVAC PTR high-vacuum sensors. Connected sensors are detected and pressure readings are automatically shown on the display. The PC-based software tool TURBOLAB Data Viewer analyzes the data log and event log files and monitors the status and key parameters in real-time. A built-in Webserver allows remote control, monitoring and configuration of TURBOLAB from a mobile device or computer using a browser.