Non-halogenated flame retardant

Applied NanoWorks' FlexB can be used in loadings of up to 3 percent.

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Applied NanoWorks (Malta, N.Y.), an inorganic materials development company, has introduced FlexB, a boron-based, nonhalogenated flame retardant (FR) additive for nylon-, epoxy- and water-based coatings. Material testing has achieved UL-94 V-0 ratings with FlexB loading levels as low as 3 percent. The material is targeted at high-performance materials where traditional high load levels negatively affect weight, strength and other physical attributes. Engineering plastics commonly used in automotive and electrical applications often must meet UL-94 V-0 flammability ratings. Some current FR additives require load levels as high as 20 to 30 percent to meet this standard, impacting material processability, rheology and mechanical properties. FlexB reportedly binds into the backbone of the host polymer, providing protection against off-gassing, water production, charring and thermal shielding.