NLign releases version 6.10

Latest software version offers improved support for the Aerospace and Defense  industry MRB workflow.


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NLign Analytics (Cincinnati, OH, US), the leader in digitizing inspection, maintenance and manufacturing data solutions, announced on July 19 the release of NLign version 6.10.

NLign performs advanced root cause analysis allowing critical maintenance/design issues to be quickly identified, quantified and addressed. The software employs an intuitive 3D environment allowing users to effectively collect, manage, reduce and leverage even large amounts of diverse test data. 

Focused on advanced support for the Aerospace & Defense industry MRB workflow, this latest release contains a number of key enhancements including improvements to the NLign patented photographic damage mapping for improved accuracy and ease-of-use. Added enhancements in the trendable window make it easier to obtain structured data that describes damage capture with the photo mapping tool.

Version 6.10 also contains improvement to the built-in charting analysis tools allowing users to detect recurring MRB defects and focus process improvement efforts on the most pressing problems.


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