JEC World 2020 preview: Biteam


Biteam, a 3D weaving specialist, is featuring a new carbon fiber-based, small, cross-sectioned, profiled, tapered tube reinforcement for producing a stiff and lightweight composite structure.

JEC World 2020 preview: Bindatex


Composites and advanced materials precision slitting company Bindatex is announcing at JEC that it has cut 300 kg of prepreg and started work on its 14th order in two years for a large composites OEM supplying thermosets and thermoplastics.

JEC World 2020 preview: Trelleborg


Trelleborg Applied Technologies is showcasing advancements across its range of epoxy tooling boards.

JEC World 2020 preview: CGTech


CGTech is providing live demonstrations of the latest version of its VERICUT software, VERICUT Composite Programming (VCP) and VERICUT Composite Simulation (VCS).

JEC World 2020 preview: COBRA International


COBRA is exhibiting its latest foiling board technology and is presenting its process for recycling and reusing epoxy resin windsurf parts.

JEC World 2020 preview: Michelman


Michelman is showcasing its expanding portfolio of water-based fiber sizing solutions, including the Hydrosize product line.

JEC World 2020 preview: TeXtreme


Spread tow brand TeXtreme is releasing new versions of its fabric in multiple colors, in collaboration with Hypetex.

Solvay launches epoxy prepreg for aerostructures compression molding


Solvay Composite Materials has launched CYCOM EP2750, a new highly drapable epoxy prepreg designed specifically for the compression molding of high-quality, high-rate, cost-effective primary and secondary aerostructures.

Rubber adhesive spray designed for temporary bonds


Airtech Advanced Materials Group’s Airtac 2 Improved is a mist spray rubber adhesive designed for temporary bonds.

Spherical polyamide particles developed for 3D printing


Specifically designed for additive manufacturing, Toray’s new spherical synthetic particles can be used to produce high-strength, heat-resistant 3D-printed parts.