CompoTech launches standard range for carbon finer epoxy beams


Produced via AFP and precision press molded results in a high-strength carbon epoxy composite beam with 10-15% higher stiffness in the axial direction.

Hexcel launches electrically conductive PEKK-based carbon fiber material


HexPEKK EM is a high-performance material for additive manufacturing that meets electromagnetic shielding, radiation absorption requirements. 

Polygon offers double insulation composite tubing for electric motors


Polygon Tube double insulation tubing acts as a secondary layer of insulation and provides shock protection to the operators of electrical tools and appliances.

BreakThru Technology reduces free formaldehyde in phenolic resins


The technology reduces free formaldehyde in phenolic fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) resins to below 1000ppm (less than 0.1%).

Lanxess launches bio-based prepolymer line Adiprene Green


The bio-based prepolymer line are easy to handle and enable a suitable replacement for existing fossil-based polyether prepolymers.

Royal DSM presents glass-filled polypropylene granules for 3D printing


The glass-filled polypropylene (PP), optimized for fused granulated fabrication (FGF) is suitable for additive manufacturing of structural and demanding applications.

DUNA introduces Corafoam tooling board product line


The 2-Ib polyurethane Corafoam HPT-35 makes for efficient production of prototypes, is non-toxic and can be applied to composite layup tooling.

TFP highlights basalt veil and intumescent fire protection materials


Technical Fibre Products’ basalt veil is ideal for high-temperature performance, and its Technofire fire protection materials extensively protect underlying structures from heat.

Westlake Plastics, Environmental Composites launch thermoformable carbon fiber composite


Aerolite Carbon is an advanced carbon fiber/thermoplastic material designed for fast, large-volume parts manufacture on existing equipment.

Wisconsin Oven introduces performance monitoring system to optimize oven maintenance


Wisconsin Oven Corp. has introduced a novel IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) predictive maintenance technology designed to optimize oven efficiency.