Sicomin launches bio-based epoxy resin systems


New resin systems have been developed for series production within the automotive, wind energy, civil engineering and marine sectors.

EconCore evolves thermoplastic, recycled honeycomb core materials


EconCore’s latest research is focused on high-performance honeycombs and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) honeycomb technology.

New Solvay materials, processes designed for industrialization


Solvay is launching and promoting materials and processes developed for industrialized processes.

Altair highlights design simulation and optimization software


Altair is presenting its methods and solutions for design, optimization and simulation of composite structures and materials.

Oxford Advanced Surfaces launches adhesion promoter


Oxford Advanced Surfaces Ltd. is demonstrating its patented Onto adhesion promoter, which replaces sanding or abrasion for surface preparation.

New Hexcel materials target marine, automotive, sporting goods


Hexcel is showcasing new composites technologies and parts that have been developed for the marine, automotive and sport industries.

Voith updates roving applicator generation technology


Voith GmbH is featuring carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) components such as tailored stacks for the automotive and aerospace sectors. 

Bally Ribbon Mills technology features infusion for 3D woven joints


Woven fabrics manufacturer Bally Ribbon Mills is highlighting its film infusion capabilities for 3D woven joints woven thermal protection systems and more.

Finishing tools prevent delamination in hybrid material machining


Seco Tools’ JC898 rougher and JC899 finisher are designed for use with hybrid CFRP-metal stacked materials for aerospace applications.

Tepex thermoplastic composites demonstrate fire resistance for EVs


Bond-Laminates’ continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite has passed flammability tests for car interiors.