Bally Ribbon Mill develops advanced woven textile products


The company offers its woven E-Webbings and TPCM thermoplastic materials  to increase part functionality and utility for a variety of industries. 

VisiConsult launches high-precision CT system


The modular device is a highly customizable system designed to precisely inspect a wide variety of test parts.

Veelo Technologies increases metallized nonwoven conductivity


Lowered resistivity from 5-10 mOHM to 3 mOHM with a 10% weight penalty improves conductivity of metallized nonwoven VeeloVEIL. 

Oli46 Resin Blocker maintains infusion vacuum level


Technical flange is designed to avoid resin waste up to 80%, improve surface finish and save on cost and production time.

Anisoprint launches 3D printer for continuous fibers


The Desktop Anisoprinting package comes with tailor-made plastic filament materials, verified printing profiles and a comprehensive training course.

Techsil, Panacol offer Vitralit adhesive for filament winding


The transparent one-component epoxy adhesive and curing system is ideal for carbon fiber or glass fiber filament winding.

Borealis highlights polypropylene technology for flexible automotive design


Fibremod, the customized carbon and glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene material ensures reduced weight, cost savings and design flexibility.

Bilsing Automation releases multilingual brochure


The four-page brochure is offered in German, English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish to help promote the company’s servo-controlled carbon fiber (CF) T-beam design and data.

Anker Stuy Composites introduces emission- and styrene-free gelcoat


The gelcoat product can be used like traditional gelcoats and hosts a range of additional benefits including lower theoretical consumption, high water resistance and more.

AIMS Metrology introduces coordinate measurement machine for large parts inspection


Suited for composites applications in a range of industries, the Summit is engineered with a 5-axis scanning probe, REVO-2 sensors and options for automation.