Finishing tools prevent delamination in hybrid material machining


Seco Tools’ JC898 rougher and JC899 finisher are designed for use with hybrid CFRP-metal stacked materials for aerospace applications.

Tepex thermoplastic composites demonstrate fire resistance for EVs


Bond-Laminates’ continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite has passed flammability tests for car interiors.

INEOS Composites’ Aropol resin emphasizes cosmetics, low shrinkage


Aropol LP 67400 unsaturated polyester resin is suited for above-water-line marine and pontoon small parts, as well as RV parts.

CRP Technology’s Windform FR2 is a glame-retardant glass fiber for selective laser sinter


The glass fiber material is suitable for aerospace applications, automotive parts (casings of electrical and electronic components, housing and enclosure assemblies), consumer goods (lighting, appliances) or any part that requires flame retardancy.

3M VHB tape provides solution for difficult-to-bond materials


The tape works as a bonding solution for LSE substrates like polypropylene, thermoplastic olefins and thermoplastic elastomers, as well as composite materials like glass-reinforced plastic or fiber-reinforced plastic.

Norton buffing wheels use minimal compound to maximize product life


Key applications include automatic or semi-automatic buffing, cut buffing and mush buffing in a range of markets such as automotive, hardware, oil and gas and more.

IDI International launches material solution for EV battery covers


IDI Composites International is introducing FLAMEVEX, a new family of fiber reinforcements and resins designed specifically for the manufacture of battery enclosure systems.

JEC World 2020 preview: Anaglyph


Composites design and manufacturing solutions specialist Anaglyph is demonstrating the latest versions of its suite of software.

JEC World 2020 preview: Aligned Vision


Aligned Vision is demonstrating how its BUILDGUIDE process control suite advances the digital factory with paperless layup and non-layup guidance, plus automatic inspection and documentation.

JEC World 2020 preview: Toray


Toray Industries Inc. is featuring its five European subsidiaries.