Vastek Industrial showcases tabletop infrared conveyor oven


Ideal for laboratory testing and low-volume production applications, the D-100 model is highly compact, and ensures edge-to-edge temperature uniformity.

Testia releases multi-method acquisition system for NDT inspection methods


Multi-method UE1 Box, phased array U32 Box and SKD architecture improve activity efficiency and meets technical specifications on a flexible, cost-effective platform.

CFP Composites launches low-cost, carbon fiber laminate that processes like metal


The BM-5 laminate board can be screwed, tapped, fastened, bonded and painted just like a metal, and requires no prepreg, layout or curing. It also has a comparable cost to metal, removing operator and financial barriers to adopt carbon fiber.

Rapid Robotics launches ready-to-work robotic machine operator


“Out of the box,” the Rapid Machine Operator — which automates common machine tasks for a variety of industries — can be up and running in hours, no systems integration required.

ICP thermoplastic tension members enable flex strength improvement


TM continuous fiber-reinforced rods help plastic parts perform more like metal by increasing load capacity and overall stiffness of the molded part. 

Infinite Material Solutions presents water-soluble support material for 3D-printing capabilities


AquaSys 180 is compatible with high-temperature thermoplastics and holds an advantage for the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing process.

Altair Inspire Mold simulates injection molding process to optimize manufacturability


Inspire Mold can evaluate manufacturability of new components at the outset of development, complete design iterations faster, reduce cost and other optimization features.

Altair database center offers comprehensive material information


The Altair Material Database Center contain thousands of high-quality materials including polymers, metals and composites, directly connected to Altair’s and other major solvers.

Avient launches reSound R recycled content portfolios


Formerly PolyOne, Avient expands the range of sustainable solutions with its thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyamide and polycarbonate portfolios.

Lanxess thermoplastic material targets high flame-retardant properties


Tepex continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites variants with a PA6 matrix are certified as UL 94 V-0 and retain a high degree of strength, rigidity and energy absorption.