New book covers practical issues associated with resin infusion processes


Author details the mechanics of materials for the construction of laminates manufactured with the aid of pressure, computer simulations and infusion strategies and more.

Graphene nanotube-enhanced gelcoats enable powder coating


Gelcoat modified by use of graphene nanotubes imparts conductivity to the surface of composite parts and enables powder coating instead of liquid painting.

Anisoprint launches Aura 2.1 slicing software for continuous fiber 3D printing


New features include “masks” giving users greater control over fiber reinforcement in an easy-to-visualize manner.

Hexagon REcreate reverse engineering software removes workflow complexity


Simplified reverse engineering processes provides a single working environment from scan to manufacturable CAD model.

Stratasys carbon fiber material for 3D printer line is more functional, lightweight and versatile


ABS-based carbon fiber material for the Stratasys F123 Series 3D printer line is 15% stronger and 50% stiffer compared to standard ABS.

HexPly XF surface materials satisfy high-quality wind blade surface finish


Suitable for prepreg and infusion processes, Hexcel’s HexPly XF reduce shell manufacturing time by up to 2 hours and removes all surface defects prior to painting.

Mass-Vac vacuum pump inlet trap protects extruder vent lines and pumps


Suitable for all plastic extruders, the MV Multi-Trap Vacuum Inlet Trap combines a full knockdown baffle with multiple stainless steel gauze filters to capture all volatile byproducts.

Exact Metrology Raytech Measuring Tables meets standard machine needs


Shop floor dimensional measuring machines are offered as a single- or three-axis table for cutting, bending, punching, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, drilling or tapping.

Axiom Materials CerFace AX-8810 surface film improves outer finish of CMC components


Surface film protects exposed fibers and minimizes surface roughness of CMC components for operating temperatures of up to 1,093ºC.

Optris launches high-speed pyrometer CT 4M


High-speed pyrometer possesses a detection time of 90 µs, and is ideal for low-temperature measurements.