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New tooling board size

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General Plastics has developed new, larger sheets of its FR-4500 tooling board.

Related Suppliers

General Plastics Mfg. Co. (Tacoma, Wash.), a manufacturer of rigid polyurethane products, has developed new 24-by-60-inch (610-by-1,524-mm) sheet sizes for its FR-4500 tooling board. The board thickness ranges up to 12 inches/305 mm. Finished boards come in densities of 30, 40, and 50 lb/cu-ft (481, 641 and 801 kg/cu-m) and are useful for modeling, visual-styling, mold tooling and patternmaking applications. The product is said to contain no abrasive fillers and is reportedly compatible with multiple adhesive, coating, paint and tooling materials and processes.