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Sealant tape, release films

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Airtech International has introduced a new high-tack vacuum bag sealant tape and two new release films.


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Airtech International Inc. (Huntington Beach, Calif.) has introduced several new products: Airseal 2HT is a high-tack vacuum bag sealant tape designed for commercial applications. Airseal 2HT provides vacuum integrity for vacuum-bag applications up to 300°F/150°C and 14.5 psi/1 bar vacuum. Also new, Wrightlon (WL) 3800 is a white matte-finish polyethylene terephthalate (PET) release film used as a barrier between tool surfaces and composite materials; it is applied with automated tape layup (ATL) and automated fiber placement (AFP) equipment. The film allows the composite to be transferred to final cure tooling. In typical applications, WL3800 may remain with the composite through both heat debulk cycles and forming operations, but it should be removed prior to final cure or it will bond with the structure. Also new in the Wrightlon line is WL4800, a release film that is particularly suitable for use in flat or limited-curvature molding applications up to 385°F/195°C. It can be applied with ATL and AFP. This film has a silicone-free release coating on both sides. It shows a good release from most resin systems and leaves a matte or low-gloss surface finish on the cured part.


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