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New modular direct diode laser technology for tape replacement applications

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New diode laser technology aims to scale up the production capability of tape placement systems.


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With the aim of scaling up the production capability of tape placement systems, Laserline (Mülheim-Kärlich,Germany), a pioneer in diode laser technology, has developed a modular direct diode laser with a housing width below 50 mm, which enables the integration of multiple heads in a single set-up. The processing head with integrated laser source and optics generates a rectangular, fully homogenized laser beam, which can be customized to the tape sizes, for example 25 mm x 55 mm. The maximum laser power of 2.5 kW per processing head ensures high process speeds and the reliable melting of the tape material. A high working distance of more than 200 mm enables contamination and collision free manufacturing. While using solely industrial-proven standard components in a novel compact and modular approach, a fast and reliable process ramp up is ensured.

A new level of cost efficiency can be achieved by consideration of the complete system composition e.g. inclusion of the power supply, which is capable of supplying multiple processing heads with a single unit. 

Laserline is part of the AZL international composites network. This post is courtesy of the CompositesWorld and AZL Aachen GmbH media partnership.



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