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New epoxy for automated fiber placement

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Park Electrochemical Corp. introduced a new, toughened epoxy for automated fiber placement (AFP) processing.


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Park Electrochemical Corp. (Melville, NY, US) introduced at JEC Europe 2015 a new, toughened 177°C cure epoxy resin aimed at automated fiber placement (AFP) processing. E-752-LT is designed for aerospace primary and secondary structural applications and is available in standard modulus and intermediate modulus precision slit tapes and fabrics. It has been formulated to optimize efficient, high-volume AFP processing, says the company, with a controlled rheology specifically designed for a wide range of cure methods, including autoclave, out-of-autoclave, and press cure, while delivering low void content (capable of <1%). It provides a combination of toughness, low moisture absorption and good mechanical properties, with a dry Tg of 220° and wet Tg of 157°C.


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