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8/13/2012 | 1 MINUTE READ

Composites machining system

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MAG will introduce at IMTS 2012 the new modular PMT, a 5-axis gantry machine tool for high-speed multi-processing of large non-ferrous components, such as composite structures, aluminum skins and fabrications, molds, patterns and post-cure cutouts in foam and sandwich structures.

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MAG IAS (Hebron, Ky.) will introduce at IMTS 2012 (Sept. 10-15, Chicago, Ill.) the modular PMT 5-axis gantry machining center for large nonferrous components, such as composite structures, and aluminum molds and patterns. It also can be fitted with waterjet, sawing and other finishing-tool heads, including one for control of countersink depth. The machine has an unlimited x-axis, a configurable y-axis of 2 to 6m (6.6 to 19.7 ft); a z-axis of 1, 1.5 or 2m (3.3, 4.9 or 6.6 ft); feedrates up to 60 m/min; five-sided part access; and optional precision scale feedback. The dual-axis rotary spindle head is powered by direct-drive torque motors with encoder feedback, providing 220° of a-axis tilt and standard 550° of c-axis rotation. Options are available for additional or continuous c-axis rotation. The PMT’s rail system allows a variety of workholding systems to be adapted, including MAG’s Flexitool system, which has modular table sections equipped with programmable vertical actuators that adjust to almost any part shape. Five available spindles range from 22,000 rpm/20 kW to 30,000 rpm/42 kW. Toolchangers (located at a position of the customer’s choice) include gantry-mounted, disc-type units with 18 to 24 pockets, or larger capacity chain-type toolchangers in the work zone.


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