L&L Products launches thermoplastic resin product line


T-Link, from L&L Products, is a thermoplastic resin available in pellet, film, yarn, powder, fiber veil and unidirectional tape formats, targeted toward armor, aerospace and sporting goods applications.

Solico launches Amphora engineering, design software for composite silos and tanks


Customizable tool enables the calculate and optimization of construction variables like design loads and laminate thickness for rapid composite vessel development.

Borflex releases compacting AFP roller range


Applicable to thermoset or thermoplastic prepregs, the Fiberroll compacting roller range ensure optimal surface appearance, rugosity and geometry while avoiding material adherence.

Thermwood presents low-cost LSAM Additive Systems


LSAM Additive Printer is built around a 30-mm print head while retaining all features and print quality known to the company’s large flagship LSAM systems.

Thermwood advances LSAM capabilities with automatic print temperature monitoring 


Thermal Sensor Layer Automation system uses a non-contact temperature sensor for continuous temperature data, ensuring precise fusion between large-scale thermoplastic printed layers.

Teton SmartSlice 2.0 offers improved functionalities


Simulation tool for 3D printing provides more ergonomic user features, including view displacement options, tooltips and 10 new material options.

Manna Laminates FEATURE organosheet laminate targets EMS applications


Fiber-metal laminate (FML) can be thermoformed in the injection or compression mold, possesses ideal characteristics for electric vehicle applications.

Teijin launches carbon fiber intermediate material brands


Tenax PW and Tenax BM is a series of aircraft- and satellite-quality materials made for sport applications with superior strength, toughness and durability compared to standard Teijin carbon fiber prepregs

New book covers practical issues associated with resin infusion processes


Author details the mechanics of materials for the construction of laminates manufactured with the aid of pressure, computer simulations and infusion strategies and more.

Graphene nanotube-enhanced gelcoats enable powder coating


Gelcoat modified by use of graphene nanotubes imparts conductivity to the surface of composite parts and enables powder coating instead of liquid painting.