Airbond expands composite fiber splicing product range and capabilities


Splicing limits increased tenfold to handle more challenging materials at higher concentrations.

E9 ultra-high-modulus glass fiber targets high-end applications


Compared to E-glass, Jushi’s E9 glass fiber boasts improved mechanical properties, including a 36% higher modulus and 60% higher strength.

New compendium for polymer use in construction


The “Architectural Plastics & Polymer Composites in the 21st Century” Conference Proceedings Plus Package encompasses papers and posters from the conference previously scheduled for 2020.

Natural fiber woven tapes possess improved mechanical properties, sustainability


vombaur woven tapes are composed from flax fibers, maintaining high rigidity and strength, with 33% lower CO2 emissions generated.

VeeloHEAT Caul enables in-situ hot debulking capabilities


Built on existing debulk bagging procedures, Veelo Technologies’ debulking solution can take place at the tool during layup, reducing costs and improving throughput. 

FTIR Plastic Analysis System facilitates highly accurate substance qualification


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments’ system can determine the state of deterioration when analyzing foreign substances, contaminants and microplastics.

Molecular Plasma Group introduces automated technology for adhesion promotion


MolecularGRIP combines atmospheric plasma treatment with adhesion promoter chemistry for automated, environmentally-friendly adhesion promotion on material surfaces.

ATL Composites epoxy laminating system maintains new surfboard appearance


KINETIX R111 is a solvent-free, liquid epoxy resin optimized with a translucent blue tint that produces a clear, bright finish for surfboard products.

Cygnet Texkimp presents next-generation composites unrolling creel


Flatline Creel uses low-pressure, low-friction patented pneumatic technology to regulate the torque applied to each position on the creel. 

Dynamic Modifiers introduces low-smoke, flame-retardant thermoplastic compound


Made for a wide range of markets, PAL...VersaCHAR addresses concerns surrounding traditional flame-retardant materials without sacrificing performance.