NC software for turbine machining

NCCS has updated its NCL software for the machining of turbine components.

Numerical Computer Control Sciences (NCCS, Newport Beach, Calif.), a developer of NCL multiaxis machining software for aerospace, automotive and turbomachinery applications, has introduced new strategies for multiaxis machining within NCL designed to create complex turbine components that require 5-axis machining. NCCS reports that it has enhanced its Turbomachinery Application Library (TAL) to aid the user in the manufacture of complex turbine components. The TAL now addresses the manufacturing of complex rotary parts such as impellers, blisks, airfoils, and inducers. New toolpath strategies have been added for efficient machining of hard materials such as stainless steel and titanium. The new strategies are designed to decrease machine type, provide longer tool life, and create optimum finishes.