Nano-toughened prepreg

Zyvex Technologies has introduced Arovex HT, a second-generation nanocomposite prepreg highly toughened with carbon nanotubes.

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Zyvex Technologies (Columbus, Ohio) has introduced Arovex HT, a second-generation nanocomposite prepreg highly toughened with carbon nanotubes. Zyvex says the nanocomposite offers extreme fracture toughness with a more than 200 improvement compared to traditional reinforced composite materials. Zyvex says the key to the enhanced performance of Arovex HT is its Kentera technology, which acts as the bridge between carbon nanomaterials and the resin matrix. Typically, nanomaterials agglomerate, or group together, in solution. Kentera effectively disperses the nanomaterials, allowing their mechanical property advantages to transfer loads from the resin matrix to the fibers, resulting in tougher, stronger products. Zyvex reports that North American customers are evaluating Arovex HT for new infrastructure applications, while Asian customers are considering Arovex HT for new generations of consumer electronic cases. Zyvex says Arovex HT has already been used by C-12 Lacrosse in the company's line of lacrosse shafts. The material not only enabled stronger and lighter sticks, but also allowed for faster shots and better passes, ball control and temperature resistance. In testing, Arovex-based carbon fiber lacrosse shafts, which weigh only 1.5 lb/0.7 kg, withstood a 270-lb/122-kg deadlift without breaking.