Multisensor 3-D metrology system

Nikon Metrology has introduced the HN-6060, a non-contact inspection system that features laser scanning, 5-axis synchronized hardware control, ultra-stiff design and processing software.

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Nikon Metrology (Brighton, Mich.) has introduced HN-6060, a noncontact inspection system. The unit’s laser-scanning sensor extracts surface form and waviness data in one scan. Previously, tactile gear-inspection tools relied on 2-D sections of data. The system’s laser scanner and SFF (shape from focus) sensor use active texture projection to perform high-precision measurement of shapes, even with glossy surfaces or no surface texture. This allows it to perform shape measurements of parts, such as complex automotive and machined components, molded parts and medical devices. It also features five-axis synchronized hardware control, which is said to allow optimum part orientation to the sensor and can measure the part from different angles. The system software features macro-based teaching, simulation for collision avoidance, easy acquisition of point clouds from 2-D and 3-D shapes, and part-to-CAD comparison.