Maxguard NCP Jet Black gelcoat and Aropol NLN 71800 infusion polyester resins

Ashland Performance Materials offers not just the blackest black but gel coat that is easy to apply and repair while its polyester infusion resins deliver fast cycle times and "glass-like" finish.

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Ashland Performance Materials (Dublin, OH, US) offers its Maxguard NCP Jet Black gelcoat and Aropol NLN 71800 series infusion polyester resins. Black has become the hot color in boats. According to director of product management Mike Wallenhorst, “Everyone wants the blackest black, but the gel coat must also be easy to spray and easy to repair.” Ashland reports that Maxguard NCP Jet Black gel coat does indeed deliver ease of use while providing great depth of color, excellent weathering and blister resistance, and compliance with boat manufacturing MACT requirements.

Aropol NLN 71800 series infusion resins are designed for fast cycle times at room temperature but also a “glass-like” automotive finish, thanks to low profile technology from Ashland’s extensive activity in the auto industry. True Class A surface finish is quantified and certified by the Ashland Laser Surface Analysis (ALSA) instrument, which has been adopted by General Motors and others.

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