Low-volume shot meter

Sealant Equipment & Engineering's meter can apply adhesives, sealants or lubricants.

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Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc. (Plymouth, Mich.) has introduced the Servo-Flo 401 Series servomotor-driven metering system for application of small precision beads and precisely metered shots of adhesives, sealants or lubricant materials from 1 to 8.5 cc in robotic and manual dispensing applications. This electric meter is engineered to dispense thixotropic and cohesive materials such as one-part silicones, epoxies, urethanes and heat or ambient cure materials. It uses the company’s Servo-Flo design of positive rod displacement for metering. The machine's control system is designed to provide a variety of preset material-dispensing profiles and will dispense different material volumes for various part configurations. The meter accepts flow-rate commands from automation controls or can be preset to vary the flow rate during dispensing. The meter can dispense materials for bonding, gasketing, coating, potting and sealing applications.