Low-force, high-speed tabletop testing system

ADMET's DForce tabletop system allows materials and structures testing in horizontal or vertical orientation.

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ADMET Inc. (Norwood, Mass.) has introduced DForce, a low-force, high-speed tabletop universal testing machine for fatigue testing of materials and structures. The machine features a linear motor for precise, high-speed tests in vertical and horizontal orientations with actuator strokes of 25 to 300 mm (0.9 to 11.8 inches) with 10-micrometer resolution. Coupled with ADMET's MTESTQuattro controller and software, it provides closed loop force and displacement controls for dynamic fatigue testing to 15 Hz. It also offers data acquisition, real-time plotting and reporting. It provides compression, tension and flexural tests on composites, biomaterials, medical devices, aerospace components and more. Static and dynamic tests from a few grams to 275N continuous and 1850N peak force can be performed. It is designed for fatigue tests that cannot be run on static equipment but do not require costly high-speed (>100Hz) actuators and multi-channel controllers. Users can program ramp, sine and triangular waveforms. They also can adjust control gains and endpoint values on the fly, or activate amplitude control to automatically adjust the end point values to ensure that desired targets are met.