Long fiber-reinforced nylon compounds

PlastiComp Inc. has enhanced the aesthetic capabilities of its Velocity high-flow nylon long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) composites.

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PlastiComp Inc. (Winona, MN, US) has enhanced the aesthetic capabilities of its Velocity high-flow nylon long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) composites. PlastiComp says Velocity simplifies the injection molding of high-fiber content LFT components by more easily producing the smooth, fiber-free finish. PlastiComp developed its Velocity series of high-flow nylon (polyamide) 6 and 66 LFT composites to facilitate easier and quicker molding of high glass fiber or carbon fiber content materials. Standard LFT materials with fiber loadings of 50% or more exhibit high viscosity characteristics that can make them problematic to mold, especially in thin wall sections. With standard high-fiber content materials, higher molding temperatures are required to obtain a resin-rich surface, which results in slower cycle times and increased operating costs. PlastiComp reports, however, that Velocity fiber-free surfaces are obtainable at 17-22°C lower processing temperatures. This minimizes, says PlastiComp, the need for secondary finishing operations to achieve a Class-A finish.