Leak testing calculator

USON has made available, free of charge, its Pressure Decay Leak Test Calculator to generate "what-if" models of pressure decay in composite structures.

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USON LP (Houston, Texas) has announced the availability of its Pressure Decay Leak Test Calculator, the first in a family of automated USON NDT (non-destructive testing) test calculators designed to generate nearly instantaneous answers to “what if” modeling of pressure decay leak testing variables and exact returns-on-investment from new eight-sensor concurrent leak testing technology. Some of the variables that the USON Pressure Decay Leak Test Calculator enables engineers to manipulate includes:

  • Pressure ranges (PSIG)
  • Leak rate target
  • Number of concurrent pressure decay sensors in use (up to eight with USON’s Optima vT Leak and Flow Tester)
  • Customization of test cycle times, including all stages of fill, stabilization, test time and total)
  • Part/test volume

Copies of the USON Pressure Decay Leak Tests Calculator can be obtained by writing to calculators@uson.com, or by calling Joe Pustka, USON leak detection equipment technical specialist at +1 281-671-2212. The automated calculators are available at no charge.