Laser cutter and waterjet cutter

Two Mitsubishi business units have each introduced a new cutting system — one laser-based and the other waterjet-based.

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Mitsubishi EDM/Laser (Wood Dale, Ill.) has introduced two new cutting systems: The laser-based LVPlusII (photo on left) features Brilliantcut technology, which reportedly can produce a cutting surface roughness equivalent to the typical machined finish, with reduced taper/discoloration on the heat-affected zone. The system uses new 40CF-R resonator technology that reduces rise time/fall time of square wave pulse; this is said to provide more consistent beam power during the cutting process and delivers a more brilliant and consistent edge quality. Further, a uniform low current discharge provides low-power stability for improved micro-machining and etching. The DX510 waterjet system (photo at right) features a 90,000-psi KMT pump and an M700 Series controller that is said to provide the programming sophistication necessary to produce complex parts. It also features nanotechnology that reportedly increases productivity and enhances high-precision machining. The units are controlled on a 64-bit, PC-based, touch-screen display, with improved graphics and NC design to simplify operation.