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4/2/2009 | 1 MINUTE READ

Large-part machining center

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MAG Cincinnati's E Mill can handle parts up to 12m long.


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MAG Cincinnati’s (Hebron, Ky.) E Mill is designed for contour machining, routing, drilling and tapping of composites, titanium and aluminum for stringers, spars, beams and similar long, small-cross-section parts (up to 12m/39.4 ft long and 304.8 mm/12 inches square in cross section) in a single setup. It comprises a 500-mm/19.7-inch, 3-axis horizontal machining center (HMC) with a headstock and tailstock adapted from horizontal lathes to provide fourth and fifth axes of motion. The part-manipulation system enables A-axis programmable rotation and 360° infinite positioning, as well as V-axis linear travel for pull-through part feed. The machine is available with a 16,000- or 24,000-rpm HSK63A spindle. An automatic tool changer accommodates 12 tools up to 8 kg/17.6 lb, 200 mm/7.9 inches long and 125 mm/4.9 inches in diameter. It includes full-enclosure safety guards, vacuum filtration and mist/dust extraction for CE and OSHA compliance — especially important when machining composites. A pressurized way system protects against wear from abrasive composite dust. The fully programmable headstock/tailstock feed system features through-hole chucks with powered jaws that advance the workpiece incrementally. The infeed and outfeed tubes use clamshell designs; the infeed opens from the top for loading work stock, with the outfeed opening at bottom to ease part removal. The tubes are seamless extrusions to prevent abrasion and delamination of composite materials, while the enclosed design provides additional containment of cutting fluids, part chips and dust