Large-part machining center

MAG Industrial Automation Systems has introduced the U5-3000 Universal Machining Center, a large-platform system with long-reach 3m/9.8-ft Z-axis, and 5-axis, 5-side contour machining for processing of composite or aluminum parts.

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MAG Industrial Automation Systems (Hebron, Ky.) has introduced the U5-3000 Universal Machining Center. This large-platform system has a long-reach 3m/9.8-ft z-axis, with a 508-mm/20-inch cross-section ram said to provide high rigidity for precision and good surface finish. Its 5-axis, five-side contour machining capability enables manufacturers to machine several features of a composite or aluminum part in a single setup, while its y-axis travel of more than 6m/20 ft permits the machining head to reach into deep cavities of large prismatic parts. Head travel is unlimited for the dual-motor, rack-and-pinion x-axis drive, which operates on a rigid box-way roller-bearing rail system that reportedly provides smooth, accurate movement and high thrust levels on long-travel cuts. The system can achieve feed rates as high as 20 m/min (787 inches/min). Standard features include a 15,000-rpm, 30-kW (40.2-hp), HSK63A gimbal-style contouring spindle that delivers up to 57 Nm (42 lb-ft) of torque. Optional 20,000-rpm and 24,000-rpm 5-axis spindles are available. Flood and through-spindle cooling and automatic chip and coolant collection systems are available. Productivity options include automatic head change, choice of high-torque or high-speed spindles, fixed tables, rotary tables and automated pallet shuttles.

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