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Large-composite machining center

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Thermwood introduces its Model 77 CNC machining center.

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Thermwood (Dale, Ind.) introduced at COMPOSITES 2013 its Model 77 CNC machining center, featuring a 12-hp spindle (3,000 to 24,000 rpm); impact-resistant head; 36-inch/914-mm vertical z-axis, 10-position rotary tool change system; Siemens servo drives; 3-D laser-compensated axis alignment; and QCore SuperControl. Designed specifically for machining large composite materials, Model 77 also offers fixture placement compensation; constant tip-speed machining; tip center rotation; remote diagnostics; an optional fixed drill and tapped aluminum table; optional access doors; and table sizes of 5 ft by 10 ft (1.5m by 3m) or 10 ft by 10 ft (3m by 3m).  


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