Laminating bulker

3M has introduced Laminating Bulker for fiberglass construction applications.

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3M (St. Paul, Minn.) has introduced Laminating Bulker for fiberglass construction applications. With high conformability on compound curves, good print-blocking capabilities and low resin consumption, the product is said to provide ease of use along with other qualities designed to help fabricators increase efficiency. The nonwoven polyester mat has uniform holes designed to promote resin flow and is available in thicknesses of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm (0.039, 0.078, 0.118, 0.157 and 0.197 inch) as well as 1m and 2m (3.28 and 6.56 ft) wide rolls. 3M says the bulker offers “fabricator-preferred” irrigation, that is, more frequent perforations than competitors’ products, which reportedly results in more thorough wetout, creates more vertical links and better enables evacuation of trapped air bubbles. The product’s multiweave binder allows prewetting without deteriorating or tearing. Because it is engineered with a multidirectional fiber orientation, the bulker provides equal strength characteristics in length and width directions. The multidirectional fibers also help to wet out the laminate equally in both directions. Additionally, the product helps ensure a constant nominal thickness throughout the part. 3M says testing has shown that it offers better mechanicals than competitors in several key categories; shock resistance is 35 to 50 percent higher, enabling products that incorporate it to achieve longer useful life. It also exhibits superior impact and shear strength, thanks to stronger links between the layers within the mat and good resin distribution throughout the product.