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Laminate software updated

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Anaglyph (London, UK) has released version 4.5 of its Laminate Tools software application.

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Anaglyph (London, UK) has released version 4.5 of its Laminate Tools software application. Laminate Tools version 4.5 includes a number of enhancements to the finite element analysis (FEA) and CAD interfaces and adds new features to the Design, Check and Manufacture modules. A new Phasebook export feature is also introduced, with enriched Abaqus interfaces and simpler and faster post-processing. Laminate Tools is a standalone Windows application that addresses the entire geometry import, design, analysis, check and manufacture process of composites structural design. It links the various disciplines and communicates original data between all involved in the process. Laminate Tools interfaces with most CAD and FEA applications. It is used by composite structures designers and stress analysts in automotive, aerospace, marine, energy and leisure.


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