Laminate design/optimization software

Software developer Anaglyph Ltd. has announced the launch of Laminate Tools version 4.1.

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Software developer Anaglyph Ltd. (London, U.K.) has launched Laminate Tools 4.1. New features include the ability to import 3-D curves from CAD programs; a new, embedded SolidWorks interface; enabled ply split (dart) definitions as curves unrelated to the mesh; and a method for area picking bounded by an imported boundary curve. The new version also enables boundary curve definitions for easy and accurate flat ply outline pattern generation (including cutouts). Further, ply drop-off flat patterns are now possible via imported boundary curves. Also new: an enhanced Nastran export “merge” feature, to scan the mesh and property IDs for best merged results; added support for the new Ansys element shell type 281; enabled basic output of generated failure results to the Altair HyperWorks H3D format; COM Server Automation functionality, for remote control via custom client applications; software updates in line with the PlyMatch 2010 system upgrade; enhanced error reporting; and best recording quality increased to 15 frames per second.