Karl Mayer thermoplastic UD tape production line designed for mass production

The SIM.PLY production line is designed for large-scale production of thermoplastic UD tapes for lightweight structural compone


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thermoplastic composite production line

Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tape made out of glass fiber and polypropylene on Karl Mayer’s SIM.PLY production line. Source | Karl Mayer


Karl Mayer Technische Textilien (Obertshausen, Germany), a specialist in non-crimped fabrics for lightweight structural components, has introduced its latest production line, called SIM.PLY, which produces thermoplastic, unidirectional (UD), fiber-reinforced tapes. 

The high-quality tapes, featuring precisely aligned, continuous fibers, are reportedly suitable for use in highly stressed, fiber-reinforced, lightweight structures. The thermoplastic matrix is said to make them easy to process for large-scale production. The SIM.PLY system operates at a high production rate and produces tapes in range of widths.

The company will display this technology at K 2019, Oct. 16-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany.