JEC World 2020 preview: Toray

Toray Industries Inc. is featuring its five European subsidiaries.


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Toray Industries Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) is featuring its five European subsidiaries. Occupants of the Toray Village will be Toray Carbon Fibers Europe, Zoltek, Composite Materials (Italy), Delta Preg, and Toray Advanced Composites. This will be the first time for all five subsidiaries to showcase their products together.

Toray Group companies will highlight their concerted drive to leverage their comprehensive capabilities and collaborate with customers to generate new value and contribute to a sustainable future for the world. They will demonstrate those strengths by presenting the key roles of their carbon fiber composite products and technologies in the mobility, energy, quality of life and safety markets. The company will also feature its recycling initiatives.

The Toray Group maintains a vertically integrated global carbon fiber composites business encompassing everything from fibers to products. It has created a structure that reportedly enables it to cater swiftly to customer needs.