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2/28/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

JEC World 2019 preview: Huntsman

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Huntsman will be showcasing its portfolio of composites and polyurethane resins, adhesives and syntactics technologies for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications at JEC World 2019.

Huntsman (Basel, Switzerland) will be showcasing its portfolio of composites and polyurethane resins, adhesives and syntactics technologies for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications at JEC World 2019, Booth M31, Hall 6. Huntsman will be demonstrating how its latest innovations are meeting both current and emerging customer needs, from concept and design, through to maintenance and repair. New products debuting at this year’s show include new adhesives and void fillers, and booth visitors will be able to see the ways in which Huntsman’s chemistries and processes are being used to improve material performance.

Huntsman will be highlighting its expertise in high-performance ARALDITE composites solutions for both structural and non-structural automotive applications. Finished structural parts on display will include a full carbon fiber composite wheel, composite leaf springs, a type 4 pressure vessel and a full composite door frame from a global leading automotive OEM. 

Huntsman will also display interior parts including a load floor produced with its RIMLINE HC+ polyurethane resin system applied to paper honeycomb and a fiberglass reinforcement surface layer, reportedly enabling flexible design, high stiffness and ultra-light weight properties. Huntsman’s VITROX family of polyurethane resins will also be showcased through lighter and more durable parts with higher impact resistance. 

For the aerospace industry, at JEC World 2019 a new partnership between Huntsman and dosing system provider ViscoTec will be unveiled. A static-dynamic mixer, vipro-DUOMIX provides a solution for two-component materials with different viscosities, extreme mixing ratios and high-pressure sensitivity. Thanks to vipro-DUOMIX, most of Huntsman’s aerospace syntactics products, such as ARALDITE 252-1, EPOCAST 1648 and EPOCAST 1641, can now be automatically dispensed.

Huntsman is sponsoring the Aerospace Planet, where it will be hosting a conference called “Innovations and Trends in Aerospace” on Wednesday, March 13 at 9 a.m.

Huntsman will also be revealing its latest advances in high-performance adhesives, with the launch of a new acrylate adhesives product range for extreme conditions. ARALDITE 2050 and ARALDITE 2051 extend Huntsman’s adhesives portfolio and are said to speed bonding operations in temperatures below zero, in saltwater and in high humidity.

Huntsman’s recently acquired carbon-based brand, MIRALON will also be on display. Light weight and resistant in the most demanding environments, MIRALON sheets, yarns and pulps possess strength, ductility and electrical conductivity.


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