JEC World 2019 preview: Fives

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Fives (Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.) will be presenting its next-generation sensor for in-process inspection of carbon fiber-reinforced layups, reportedly capable of reducing processing time by up to 30% compared to layup operations using manual inspection.

The sensor, co-developed by Fives’ Seattle location and Conseil National de Recherches Canada (NRC, Ottawa) employs optical techniques adapted from medical imaging applications. NRC holds the basis patent and has licensed it exclusively to Fives for composite applications.

In tests conducted over the past 18 months on a Cincinnati Viper 4000, the sensor has reportedly demonstrated significantly improved results over Line Laser Triangulation (LLT).

According to Fives, the sensor is able to track complex surfaces, measure and characterize parameters previously impossible to capture on-line, and measure consistently over different materials. The packaging of the unit is said to improve integration with the fiber placement head, enabling real-time measurement at the point of fiber placement, and the data analytics capability enables the manufacturer to characterize aggregate properties of the defects, such as spatial distribution. 


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