JEC World 2019 preview: Biontec

Biontec (St. Gallen, Switzerland) is presenting a range of complex components from sports and leisure to machinery equipment to space applications at its JEC World 2019 booth.


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Biontec (St. Gallen, Switzerland) is presenting a range of components featuring composites made from the company’s production processes at its JEC World 2019 booth.

Representing a range of industries from sports and leisure to machinery equipment to aerospace applications, highlighted products feature monolithic, sandwich and hollow structures with a high degree of integration of functions. All products are meant to highlight the company’s strategy of producing net-shaped components with high surface quality out-of-mold, reducing the need for machining and finishing.

A fourth generation of a full-carbon-fiber bicycle break lever will be displayed to demonstrate the consistency and reliability of Biontec’s automated production process, reportedly capable of producing 100,000 parts per year out of a single mold.

Products from the metrology industry show the effect of tailoring thermal expansion
and stiffness through biomimetic design in complex bodies for laser scanners.