JEC World 2018 preview: Spheretex

The latest product development from Spheretex, Sphere.core PSI, will be launched at JEC World 2018 in Paris.

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The latest product development from Spheretex will be launched at JEC World 2018 in Paris.

Sphere.core PSI is an advanced solution for making light and stiff FRP laminates in closed mold process. It is a glass fiber-based core material with an internal high-quality flow medium which leads to a steady and fast resin impregnation. Overall part costs could be reduced due to savings in disposable flow media and working time.

This new development is said to be an outstanding alternative for making light laminates of excellent surface quality – even when applying high vacuum.

Sphere.core PSI is available in 2-5-mm thicknesses and is suitable for infusion and injection processes such as VIP, LRTM and RTM. It is compatible with common UP, VE and EP resins.