JEC World 2018 preview: MIKROSAM

TAURUS, LIBRA and DISCOVERY solutions for AFP and ATL


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TAURUS  enables high productivity for large aerospace composite parts. It provides high lay down rates while meeting the stringent quality requirements of structural composites up to 6m in diameter and 30m in length. TAURUS integrates the following functions in a single solution:

  • advanced 16-tow AFP head
  • fast exchange to thermoplastic ATL head
  • laser projection
  • advanced online inspection system and verification after each ply placement.

LIBRA is a versatile and flexible AFP/ATL platform, capable of producing composite parts with a diameter of up to 2.5m and 12m long, using an 8-tow AFP head or thermoplastic ATL head. It is ideal for customers looking for freedom in the design and manufacture of medium to large-sized flat or contoured composites.

DISCOVERY is an AFP/ATL robotic solution for developing production concepts and demonstrating feasibility via prototyping. It features either a 4-tow AFP or 4-tow ATL head, and is intended for production of smaller composite parts up to 1m diameter and 2m length.

TAURUS, LIBRA and DISCOVERY can be customized and are compatible with thermoplastic, thermoset and dry fiber placement processes. All three solutions have the MikroPlace built in user-friendly programming and simulation software and Quality Control System (QCS).

Visit MIKROSAM at JEC World 2018 (Mar 6-8, Paris, France) in Hall 6, Stand E51.


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