JEC World 2018 preview: CG TEC and Refitech

CG TEC and Refitech jointly present composite solutions at JEC World 2018.


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CG TEC and Refitech will present their new partnership as well as their innovative carbon fiber product solutions at JEC World 2018. Both companies will share a booth at the ‘Bayern Innovativ’ stand (Hall 6, R51).


Ultra-lightweight connectors

At JEC World Refitech further introduces a new series of round and square connectors, as an extension of its standard range of round and square carbon tubes for industrial applications. These thin-wall, ultra-lightweight connectors are made of carbon fibre epoxy and hand-laminated using prepregs. They offer significant weight savings compared with the dry fiber injected coupling parts available from competitors. The square connectors match precisely with Refitech’s square tubes of 25×25 millimetres, while the round ones can be combined with Refitech’s  30/28 and 30/27 millimetres round tubes. By applying fitting rings during the bonding phase, tubes of both diameters can be used in the same construction.


Multilayer basalt tube                         

CG TEC’s new multilayer basalt tube, to be introduced at JEC World 2018,  combines high-performance basalt fiber, high strength stainless steel tubes, a communication element (optical fibers, coax or copper wires) and optionally a polyamide, polyethylene or high-density polyethylene sheath.

This lightweight, high strength composite cable is based on the mineral fibers of basalt, a high-tech material was originally intended for the thermal insulation of nuclear reactors. It offers high temperature resistance, lower line loss and small sag. Because of its properties these multilayer basalt tube are practically indestructible, permanently unbreakable, and still retains its functionality even at elevated temperatures.