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JEC Europe 2015 preview: SMAC

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SMAC (Toulon, France) will feature a new range of applications for its elastomers.

SMAC (Toulon, France) will feature a new range of applications for its elastomers. Products include SMAC DAMP and SMACWRAP, to reduce vibration and noise from carbon fiber panel stiffness; SMAC FLEX, which provides "smart" placement of SMACWRAP to provide flexibility in torsion or bending to composite materials which are generally extremely stiff; SMAC CRASH, which incorporates an elastomer sheet in the composite structure to hold debris in case of a crash; SMAC GUM, which are fine elastomeric raw sheets cured at the same time as the composite material to provide insulation.

A demonstration tool built on an electrodynamic shaker was unveiled at JEC Europe 2015 to highlight these different applications.