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3/1/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

JEC Europe 2015 preview: OMAX

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OMAX (Kent, WA, US) will feature its 60120 JetMachining waterjet cutting center, which can cut complex parts measuring up to 1.5m by 3.0m, including advanced composites, exotic alloys, glass, traditional metals, rubber and stone.

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OMAX (Kent, WA, US) will feature its 60120 JetMachining waterjet cutting center, which can cut complex parts measuring up to 1.5m by 3.0m, including advanced composites, exotic alloys, glass, traditional metals, rubber and stone. Featuring an X-Y travel of 3.2 m by 1.5m, the 60120 comes standard with the company’s Intelli-MAX 21 software, which runs on the Windows operating system. The software calculates the velocity of a tool path at more than 2,000 points per inch, allowing for complete control over the motion of an abrasivejet, and enabling precise, rapid machining. Additionally, the software automates most programming and tool setup work, virtually eliminating the need for extensive operator training.

The 60120 will be demonstrated with a high-efficiency 50-hp EnduroMAX Pump, which is also available in 30-hp, 40-hp and 100-hp options. The EnduroMAX Pump reportedly increases part-processing speeds and reduces the operating costs of the 60120 as well as all other OMAX-brand abrasive waterjet machines. Engineered for optimal efficiency, OMAX pumps deliver more than 85 percent of the electrical input power to the cutting nozzle.

At the show, visitors will also see the Tilt-A-Jet cutting head accessory, which offers advanced automated taper compensation capabilities. It reportedly achieves virtually zero taper with no reduction in cutting speed for the precision cutting of parts with square, taper-free edges, including interlocking pieces and dovetail fittings. Through the control software, the Tilt- A-Jet automatically calculates and adjusts the angle of the nozzle to remove the natural taper from the finished part by transferring it to the scrap part of the material.


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