JEC Europe 2015 preview: Michelman

Michelman (Cincinnati, OH, US) will feature Hydrosize, its flagship brand of fiber sizings.

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Michelman (Cincinnati, OH, US) will feature Hydrosize, its flagship brand of fiber sizings. Michelman will also emphasize recently introduced solutions to support advanced generations of lightweight, engineered resin composites increasingly being used in automotive applications. The company also unveiled new fiber sizings that comply with the European Plastic Implement Measure (EC/10/2011), and are being used in composites destined for food contact applications such as coffee machines, plastic dishes, food processors and other appliances and kitchen items.

Michelman reports that it also has recently been chosen to join an elite, 122-member American consortium that will make up the new Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI). The Institute is a $259 million public/private partnership that will help advance the state of knowledge and commercialization of carbon fiber composites.