JEC Europe 2015 preview: LaminaHeat

LaminaHeat LLC (Greenville, SC, US) is introducing a new addition to its line of thin, flexible heating materials called PowerFabric.

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LaminaHeat LLC (Greenville, SC, US) is introducing a new addition to its line of thin, flexible heating materials called PowerFabric. Made from the same lightweight and homogeneous carbon fiber/glass veil with copper contact strips, PowerFabric sandwiches this heating technology between woven fabrics for improved flexibility and broader application potential. Using a standard fiberglass mat on either side enables the new PowerFabric heating technology to not only add heat where it is needed, but also adds structural reinforcement. Like the company's original PowerFilm, the current is applied to the copper strips of the PowerFabric to generate evenly distributed and localized heat across the fiber sheet at required temperatures up to 300° C. PowerFabric is produced in a proprietary continuous process and can employ various woven fabrics and finishing options that offers manufacturers the ability to incorporate PowerFabric into their products during fabrication. PowerFabric can be provided in options based on the types of fabrics and fibers needed and/or the electrical properties required, comes in continuous rolls or individual sheets and can be tailored to fit specific customer applications.

LaminaHeat will be exhibiting its products on MVP's stand at JEC Europe.