JEC Europe 2015 preview: Hexion

Hexion (formerly Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Columbus, OH, US) will introduce several new composite resin systems, showcasing automotive, aerospace and rail composite parts made with Hexion systems.

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Hexion (formerly Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Columbus, OH, US) will introduce several new composite resin systems, showcasing automotive, aerospace and rail composite parts made with Hexion systems.

For the automotive industry, Hexion will launch an EPIKOTE epoxy system specially designed for automotive structural components, with a faster cure rate and enhanced demolding properties, compared to predecessor systems. Larger automotive structural components present different challenges than smaller composite parts, and Hexion has optimized this system’s chemistry to maintain the resin injection window needed for larger parts while reducing the curing cycle. To speed up processing even more, manufacturers can pair this resin infusion system with a new EPIKOTE preform binder, which is applied during fiber lay-up to fixa the fibers in the shape of the composite and avoid displacement during resin infusion.

Also featured will be the first composite suspension spring used in an actual production vehicle for the Audi A6 Avant; and a new phenolic thermoset cam carrier, developed in cooperation with Ford

For the wind energy industry, Hexion will introduce two new products to enhance the manufacture of longer, lighter, stronger rotor blades including a novel new spray adhesive for rotor blade mold prep to alleviate shirting or crimping of reinforcing fiber in the mold shell during processing; and a new, stronger bonding paste with longer open time – a critical property for producing longer, larger blades.

For the rail and mass transit industries, Hexion is showcasing its Cellobond series Bakelite phenolic resins that meet the strictest standards under EN45545-2, the new European Fire Safety Standard, which becomes mandatory in all European countries in 2016.

For the aerospace industry, Hexion will exhibit several parts made with EPIKOTE resin systems that substitute more efficient resin infusion for traditional processing methods such as prepreg and filament winding to improve production rates, cost-effectiveness and repeatability. 

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