Injection molding pump optimization system

Kadant's UNiGY system moderates pump speed and torque on injection molding machines.

Kadant AES (Queensbury, N.Y.) has developed UNiGY, a pump-control technology designed to optimize plastic injection molding applications. By employing mathematical algorithms, the UNiGY PhD (Pump-modeling hydraulic drive) technology reportedly reduces energy consumption while improving process performance, including system monitoring and diagnostics. The system employs intelligent pump-control software to produce the precise flow rates and pressures demanded by the application. It continually senses demand, managing pump speed and applied torque as required to satisfy variations in process demand, significantly lowering energy consumption and noise. For processes where hydraulic demand is intermittent, the UNiGY system reportedly can reduce maintenance costs and extend pump life. It achieves this by slowing pump speed when flow is not required, while using torque management technology to maintain the desired system pressure at all flow rates. The control of the UNiGY system is said to prevent excess flow and simplifies hydraulic circuits, reducing or eliminating the need for cooling loops and fans. The technology can be retrofitted into existing process systems and incorporated into new installations.

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