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Airtech International brought several new products to JEC Europe 2013.

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Airtech International (Huntington Beach, Calif.) brought several new products to JEC Europe 2013: Securlon V-45 is an economical vacuum bagging film suitable for phenolic resins; it is used for commercial autoclave processing, and has a maximum use temperature of 171°C/340°F. Thermalimide E is a high-performance bagging film for cure temperatures up to 426°C/799°F. Thermalimide E RBCS, a film that is treated on both sides with a release coating, can be used for cure cycles up to 405°C/761°F. Flashbreaker PS1 is a high-temperature/high-tensile strength polyester film that is coated with a high-tack, pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive for oven cures up to 204°C/399°F. Wrightlease 2 is a new extruded fluoropolymer pressure-sensitive tape with a silicone adhesive. Toolwright 5 is a thicker version of the same extruded fluoropolymer film, and it is also coated with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. Finally, the Airtech Vacuum Test Unit is used to test the vacuum integrity of all Airtech vacuum hoses and valves and the quick disconnect couplings that are attached to them.