Hybrid glass/carbon fiber nanofabric

Carbon Composite Technologies claims development of a hybrid fiberglass/carbon fiber nano textile fabric that is said to combine the strength and light weight of carbon nano fibers with the cost efficiency of fiberglass.

Augrid Global Holdings Corp.’s subsidiary, Carbon Composite Technologies (CCT, Houston, Texas), announced on July 6 a recently patented hybrid fiberglass/carbon fiber nanotextile fabric for use in the manufacture of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) products. The manufacturer says the material combines the strength and light weight of carbon nanofibers with the cost-efficiency of fiberglass. Reportedly, several manufacturers in the wind-energy, aerospace, armor, marine and automotive markets are evaluating its potential for weight and cost savings. The fabric, CCT claims, has a cost similar to fiberglass but with physical characteristics superior to carbon fiber fabrics. An additional proprietary feature of the technology and material is that it can be resistively heated to reduce molding production time and energy requirements. Use of the fabric will include license fees with royalty minimums and paid technology transfer with exclusive material and equipment supply agreements through CCT.

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SAERTEX, Scott Bader to partner on fire protection material system

SAERTEX has announced a strategic partnership with Scott Bader for the production and distribution of the SAERTEX LEO system, fire protection line of materials combining multiaxial noncrimp fabrics and a specifically designed resin system.