Holding Company Composite has launched new carbon fiber fabrics

Lamborghini and Ferrari have demonstrated interest in the "aesthetic" fabrics.

Holding Company Composite (HCC, Moscow, Russia) says its new “aesthetic” carbon fiber fabrics have been qualified by Lamborghini and Ferrari. These fabrics are manufactured at Prepreg-ACM, which is a part of the HCC subsidiary, Prepreg-Dubna. The fabrics are manufactured from 3K carbon fiber with FAW 200 gsm and heavier as well as hybrid fabrics from aramid, glass and other types of fiber. The company says aesthetic fabrics are characterized by unique patterns and colors and are used for finishing interiors of apartments/houses, cars and more.

Currently, there are mainly standard pattern fabrics widely represented on the composite materials market: satin and twill. However, automotive and fashion industry representatives are creating demand for creative patterns to manufacture “out-of-the-box” products.

Chanel Fashion House is considering using aesthetic carbon fiber fabrics for manufacturing bags. Lamborghini is already using the materials in manufacturing car parts.