High-tensile modulus carbon fiber for aero, auto composites

Toho Tenax has announced the launch of TENAXR XMS32, a new grade of carbon fiber that provides high intensity and high-tensile modulus for aircraft and automotive applications.

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Toho Tenax Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has announced the launch of TENAXR XMS32, a new grade carbon fiber that achieves the high intensity and high tensile modulus required for aircraft and automotive applications. Toho Tenax says it developed its new grade carbon fiber with a uniform structure by optimizing the structural design of polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based precursor and by optimizing its manufacturing process. Compared to TENAXR IMS65, the existing grade carbon fiber that has been mainly used for aircraft applications, TENAXR XMS32 offers 10% more intensity and 10% greater tensile modulus. In addition, says Toho Tenax, resin adherence has been significantly improved through new surface-modification technology to refine the chemical characteristics of the carbon fiber’s surface and control its smoothness on the nano level. The company adds that the trend toward thin-walling of products causes problems with stiffness and tensile modulus properties. Toho Tenax says it had generally been difficult to realize both intensity and tensile modulus in PAN carbon fiber due to decreased intensity resulting from increased tensile modulus. Toho Tenax is developing prepreg using TENAXR XMS32 for aircraft and expects to develop prepregs for automotive and high-end sports and leisure applications in the foreseeable future.

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